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New On-line Library & Collections Catalogue  

A new Library and Collections catalogue is being created and restructured at present the "bookstock" and "Gordon Ward Archive" datasets are available at Search online

The re-classification of the record details recorded in the database are still being revised to bring them inline with current cataloguing standards which will provide a more user friendly and comprehensive search facility.

The printed material collection has grown steadily since the foundation of the Society in the 19th century. Since that time, many important scholars and members have presented copies of their publications, and the Society has itself purchased numerous works which reflect its activity and interests. Although the collections are not totally inclusive, they do provide a valuable basis on which to pursue research, and most of the standard works are present. The new cataloguing system provides advanced facilities for seaching the collections but to obtain full value from this important resource, a personal visit is strongly recommended.

Gordon Ward Archive
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Created by Gordon Reginald Ward, M.D., F.S.A., 1885-1962 is now part of the integrated online catalogue, see above, the Gordon Ward archive collection of ephemera is held by the Society as the 'Gordon Ward Archive'. The Centre for Kentish Studies has more of his collection catalogued as the 'Gordon Ward Papers'. The items donated to the Society form the basis of the Archive to which additional material has been added over the years. The large collection of postcards are contained in the "Visual Records" Catalogue" see below.

Visual Records Catalogue  
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The current Visual Records Catalogue contains an index of over 25,000 images. Research in the Library indicates that several thousand additional images have not yet been indexed and work is in hand to add these to the dataset once the existing data has been added to the new cataloguing system.

Artefacts Catalogue   Artefacts forming a collection acquired during the life of the Society
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Collections deposited at Kent Archives 
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The Society’s collection of papers, wills, maps, plans and other documents relating to Kentish families and estates is deposited on permanent loan at Kent County Archives.
   Once you have identified material you wish to inspect, please make a note of the archives reference number and make arrangements to visit the search room. The search room details are available at

Collections of Past Members' Papers and Notebooks held by the Society
Papers Pdf download (work in progress and often updated)
Notebooks Pdf download (work in progress and often updated)

Anne Roper Papers
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Peter Tester Papers
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Kent Brass Rubbings Catalogue   mainly from the late Victorian period
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