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Jacqueline Bower

Jacqueline Bower has a B.A. in History (London), M.A. in English Local History (Leicester) and Ph.D. in Economic and Social History (Kent). She is a part-time lecturer in history for the WEA and University of Kent. Her research interests are maritime Kent, the economic and social history of early modern Kent, and family history.

Title: The Deal Boatmen; Heroes or Villains?
Abstract: The Deal Boatmen carried out dangerous and valuable work, salvaging lives and property from shipwrecks in the English Channel. However, property from wrecks was not always lawfully disposed of, and smuggling, although on the decline, continued well into the nineteenth century. Contemporary accounts therefore varied widely in their assessment of the boatmen. Were the Deal boatmen heroes or villains?
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Title A Traditional Community in Decline; The Deal Boatmen in the Nineteenth Century
Abstract The Deal Boatmen were one of a number of traditional communities which survived into the Industrial Age. Throughout the nineteenth century their income from salvage, piloting and other sources declined and their interests were increasingly disregarded by their fellow townspeople. By the end of the century it was clear that the boatmen and their community would soon cease to exist.
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