series one

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The following table gives the authors with links to their pages in column 1 and the titles of  their articles in column 2
Dr. Andrew Ashbee The papermakers of Snodland c. 1740-1854
Dr. Paul Ashbee Great Tottington's Sarson Stones
Derek Bright
The Pilgrims' Way Revisited:  the use of the North Downs main trackway and the Medway crossings by medieval travellers.
Jacqueline Bower The Deal Boatmen:  Heroes or Villains?
A Traditional Community in Decline; The Deal Boatmen in the Nineteenth Century
Dr. C. H. Collins Cholera and typhoid fever in Kent
Tracey-Anne Cooper Basan and Bata: The Occupational Surnames of Two Pre-Conquest Monks of Canterbury
Two Previously Unrecorded Marginal Illustrations in a Christ Church, Canterbury Manuscript: COTTON    TIBERIUS A. III.
Dr. Andrew J. Finch  Clandestine Marriage in the Diocese of Rochester during the Mid-fourteenth Century
R. F. LeGear The Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society's Chalk Mine and the Building of the Bostall Estate
The Margate Shell Grotto
C. N. Kidd's Chalk  Mine at Shepherds Lane Dartford
Margate Caves, Cliftonville
Dr. Ian Mortimer A Directory of Medical Personnel Qualified and Practising
  in the Diocese of Canterbury, circa 1560-1730
Dr. Frank Panton Finances & Government of Canterbury 1700 - 1850; An Overview
William Sayers
Walking Home from the Fishpond:  Local Allusion in Walter of Bibbesworth's 13C Treatise for English Housewives
Dr. Robert Spain A Possible Roman Tide Mill
Anne Elizabeth Watkins Aelfric's Colloquy
The Campaign to save the London Trams 1946 - 1952
Laetitia Yeandle Sir Edward Dering, lst bart., of Surrenden Dering and his 'Booke of Expences' - 1617-1628
Some articles from the Society's annual publication