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Photograph of Anne Elizabeth Watkins

Anne Elizabeth Watkins (née Curtis)

B.A.(Hons.), M.A., M.C.L.P.

I was born in 1945 and educated at University College of Wales, Swansea and Loughborough University of Technology School of Librarianship. I have worked for Kent Libraries for over 30 years and have recently retired. My interests are classical civilization, walking, travel, theatre, reading gardening and transport. I have written two pamphlets published by the Kent County Council: “Sources for Local History” and “When theTrams Ran in Dartford”.

Abstract: The Colloquy is a question and answer dialogue devised by a tenth century monk called Aelfric. It was written as an aid to teach Latin to monastic boy pupils. The Colloquy gives a vivid portrait of country life in saxon and medieval times and shows the harshness of the feudal system. It also gives a snapshot of monastic life, which was also harsh. The way of life portrayed therein can be true of Kent or of any English county at that time.
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Title The Campaign to save the London Trams 1946-1952
Abstract Edition updated 2nd June 2011
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