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Photograph of Dr. Andrew Ashbee

Andrew Ashbee

B.Mus,; Ph. D.; G.R.S.M.; A.R.C.M.

Andrew Ashbee is Chairman of Snodland Historical Society and Honorary Curator of Snodland Millennium Museum. He has published many books and pamphlets on Snodland and its history. He is also a leading authority on English music of the Tudors and Stuarts (and on the life and work of the Maidstone-born composer John Jenkins in particular) and again has published and edited many books and music editions in this field.


Title: The papermakers of Snodland c. 1740-1854
Abstract: A survey of people known to have owned or worked at Snodland paper mill c. 1740-1854, based on documentary evidence from registers, censuses, parish accounts, etc., intended to supplement previous studies which were based rather on official returns and deeds. Attention is drawn to the influence of some owners in establishing non-conformist worship locally and the attachment of many workers to this.
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