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William Sayers
MA, fil.kand., Ph.D

William Sayers writes chiefly on the medieval languagues and literatures of western Europe.  He is adjunct full professor in the department of comparative literature at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, with a cross-appointment to the graduate program in medieval studies.   He also has collection development responsibilities in the areas of French, Italian, Netherlandic and Scandinavian languages, literature, and history in the Cornell Library system.

Title: Walking Home from the Fishpond: Local Allusion in Walter of Bibbesworth's 13C. Treatise for English Housewives
Abstract: Walter of Bibbesworths domestic treatise in Anglo-Norman French with interlinear Middle English glosses provides, inter alia, an insight into the management of fish-ponds in the late thirteenth century and possibly a snapshot of a pastoral scene from Swanscombe, Kent, the estate of the authors patroness.
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